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Our electrically furling shade sail systems are individually manufactured, high-quality sun- and rain protection solutions, deployable all year round.



Every C4sun shade sail system is a one-of-a-kind product – handcrafted at our production facility in Germany.

»The fabric for every shade sail is cut to the exact dimensions you require, then handcrafted and assembled into a highly durable system.«

If you like standing out from the crowd, you have to follow new paths – even if these sometimes include traditional production techniques. Our sun-shading systems, with their arching sails, create a unique sense of spaciousness. The key to this feature is the use of special, handcrafted battens enclosed in the fabric, known as Clouth profiles. In the furled sail, these Clouth profiles are pressed flat against the winding shaft.


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Our shade sail systems outshine everything – with their unique, eye-catching designs.

»The sail arches upwards, creating a sense of spaciousness with an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and well-being.«

The three C4sun product lines have significant differences – but are all based on the same unique design principle that sets them apart from all conventional sun-shading systems: Their sail arches upwards, creating an unparalleled atmosphere of spaciousness, comfort and well-being. Top-of-the-line materials, such as stainless steel (V2A) and various mast versions, contribute to the overall high-quality appearance.

elips4sun: The ellipsoidal shape, with its curved edges between the ribbing, has a soft, organic look – and only requires a single mast.

square4sun: When it comes to providing uniform, maximal shading for stylish outdoor areas, square4sun is the perfect solution.

trapez4sun: The highly unique, markedly tapered shape creates an attractive contrast to the minimalist designs of surrounding structures.

With its unique, organic design, C4sun not only creates aesthetic accents but also complements practically all types of surroundings, thanks to numerous options for customisation. The special quality of the C4sun system not only appeals to customers with discerning tastes and an appreciation for stylish ambience – it even impresses professional designers: our elips4sun product line was awarded the R+T Innovation Prize 2015 Special Prize Design and the highly coveted Red Dot Award 2014: Best of the Best.

Design: Clouth-Profile und Segelstoffe C4sun High End Sonnensegel

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Precision engineered, down to the smallest detail, leaving you worry-free.

»Our most complex task: ensuring that everything works effortlessly.«

When we’re in the process of developing products, we of- ten have to think out of the box. This means taking the good and making it better and sometimes even finding completely new solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems. Now, we can proudly say that we have accomplished everything we set out to do – and that the often rocky road has paid off. Because if you choose a C4sun system, you no longer have to worry about technical details. You can simply concentrate on the important things, like enjoying every minute of your valuable time outdoors. Under a shade sail that elegantly combines extraordinary aesthetics with excellent function and maxi- mum comfort and convenience. Fully automatic. Reliable. Robust. Safe.

The key to the unique atmosphere of comfort and well- being created by the C4sun shade sails are the highly elastic Clouth profiles, which are enclosed in the fabric crosswise to the opening direction. In the furled sail, these special, handcrafted battens are pressed flat against the winding shaft. When the sail is unfurled, their tensioning causes them to automatically curve upwards, giving the fabric a dome shape. Wind pressure is easily absorbed, and there is no way for rainwater to collect in pockets. However, we do recommend furling the shade sail in snowy weather.

A specially developed pulley system in the mast provides reliable wind-pressure relief. Excessive wind pressure is counterbalanced by either internal weights or a highly visible, decorative granite ball. Special, high-quality components, such as free-gliding pulleys, guarantee that the complex mechanism will operate without un- pleasant noises, even in gusting wind. In extremely windy weather, the sail senses when it’s time to »fold«, furling away fully automatically.

c4sun design und technik mast technik


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Relax and enjoy your valuable time outdoors – in pure luxury, a standard feature of every C4sun system.

»We’ve taken care of the important things so that you can relax.«

With a one-of-a-kind design principle and fascinating detail solutions that make your life easy. Enjoy the convenience! Take, for example, the controls: at the touch of a button on the remote control or wall-mounted transmitter, the sail unfurls effortlessly. Your outdoor area is transformed into a stylish stage, and shade becomes a fascinating experience. As the sail unfurls from the shaft, the Clouth profiles – special battens enclosed in the sail – arch upwards, giving the sail its distinctive dome shape and creating an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and well-being. Automatically. With the optimal sun-shading and rain-protection system, you can relax outdoors in any weather. Rainwater runs right off the sides, thanks to the convex shape of the »roof«.

Gusts of wind are elegantly absorbed by the Clouth profiles and the specially developed wind-pressure-relief system. And maximum comfort means always playing it safe in the worst conditions: if the wind becomes so strong that it could potentially pose a hazard for people or the system itself, the sail furls away automatically.


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