Installation Options | Mounting components

Roller Tube

C4sun offers multiple installation options with roller tube mounting on walls or rafters being the classic option. Alternatively, the roller tube can be inserted into a free-standing mount on two stainless steel masts – which is equally effective for single and double sail systems. In addition, a customized assembly concept can always be drawn up if required.

For single-sail systems

Wall bracket on wall and rafters

Free-standing roller tube mount

For double-sail systems

Free-standing roller tube mount


Every subsurface is unique, with conditions sometimes varying even within a single surface requiring shade. Practical installation elements are available for each mast to resolve such issues. If that is not the case, users can request an individually-tailored installation concept or freely combine existing mounting elements.

Installation elements

Krinner screw foundation | For installation masts (Picture 1)

Wall brackets

Mast console

Flange plate

C4sun Cube (Picture 2)

Bild 1
Bild 2

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