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The sail is driven by a tube motor located inside the roller tube, which can be operated in a number of different ways. First, it can be operated using advanced, secure io-homecontrol® wireless technology featuring a universal communication protocol. This enables all components to communicate with one another, leaving users free to control all comfort and safety elements via a single unit. It is even possible to control and monitor the system using a smartphone. Secondly, the sail can be extended and retracted using a wired controller or a remote control. Alternatively, these functions can be integrated into an on-site KNX (bus) controller.

The power package is another drive variant in which the reinforced drive is provided by two tube motors. This option is recommended for larger sail surfaces and locations featuring high wind speeds. Please note that with certain sail sizes two motors are included as standard equipment.

Somfy io System

Sunea 60 io 120/12 tube motor

Remote controlled

Somfy LT System

LT 60 Taurus 120/12 tube motor


On-site KNX (bus) control possible

Somfy RTS System

Altus 60 RTS 120/17 tube motor

Export only – country-specific regulations

Power Package

Available in various designs

Featuring two tube motors Internal or external junction box

Handheld transmitter or KNX (bus) controller


Wall-mounted transmitter, wind and/or sun monitor, individual motor controller, etc.

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