Bahama | C4sun HIGH-END sun sails

C4sun is a technically sophisticated and highly aesthetic product that opens the door to truly individual design. Each of these exclusive and unique products is tailored precisely to the desired dimensions and made by hand at Bahama’s dedicated facility in Germany.

The C4sun sails are the world’s first fully automatic roll-up shading protection system featuring an arched roof. This arching generates an unrivaled sense of space that helps all guests truly relax. These wonderfully eye-catching sails combine remarkable design with outstanding functionality and maximum comfort. The latest tube motor technologies, in connection with smart controls and safety made by Somfy, complete the sails for the highest demands. Thanks to the customized sizing, C4sun enables precision adjustments down to the last centimeter and ensures that each individual shade is a perfect standalone product. In this way, the sail, mast, and motor combine to deliver the perfect result.

The elips4sun has won two world-renowned awards – the Red Dot Award 2014: Best of the Best and the R+T Innovation Prize 2015: Special Design Prize.


This product line stands out on account of its organic design. The ellipsoidal cut catches the eye with its curved sides, which set the elips4sun apart from the uniform look shared by conventional triangular sail systems. Convex edges also ensure a wide canvas surface for even greater protection against the sun and rain. And as it features only one mast and four ropes, the sail system takes up as little space as possible while offering maximum freedom of movement in the shade.

square4sun | CROSS

The masts of this sail type are positioned with a slight diagonal offset. This ensures a stable canvas surface while maintaining an unobstructed view. The mast can also be set up further away from the sail, with longer ropes being used to bridge the extra distance.

square4sun | CROSS PRO

This variant enables the mast and sail to be positioned directly alongside one another, making it particularly suitable for roof terraces and other terraces with limited space. As with all other sails, it can also be installed as a double sail.

square4sun | LINE

In this variant, the masts are positioned in front of the sail surface. The shape generated by the four ropes guarantees maximum effectiveness for the convex sail design (refer to illustration on the right) while also achieving even greater wind stability.

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