Product Information

Sail Material

WeatherMax 80

The ultimate eye-catching feature of any sail system is of course the canvas. C4sun uses the sail material WeatherMax 80, a technically sophisticated fiber that is suitable for sun and rain protection alike. The canvas cloths are prepared by one of the leading sail manufacturers in Germany, where a team of experts with years of sailing and yachting experience deploy innovative production technology. Why not learn from the best?

Mast Models

Four masts made from high-quality, elegant stainless steel or aluminum complete the look of the sail system, forming a perfect harmony with the timeless design of the sail. A specially developed wind pressure relief system inside the mast enables a calm response to higher wind speeds. An internal weight or an internal dam- per takes care of the necessary balance. Superlative special components such as pulleys positioned on slide bearings prevent this complex mechanism from generating any unpleasant noises, even in the case of high winds. Each design can be combined with any of the C4sun sail masts (exception: elips4sun is not compatible with ID 110 and IG 101).

Motor | Drive | Control and Safety

The sail is driven by a tube motor located inside the roller tube, which can be operated in a number of different ways. First, it can be operated using advanced, secure io-homecontrol® wireless technology featuring a universal communication proto- col. This enables all components to communicate with one another, leaving users free to control all comfort and safety elements via a single unit. It is even possible to control and monitor the system using a smartphone. Secondly, the sail can be extended and retracted using a wired controller or a remote control. Alternatively, these functions can be integrated into an on-site KNX (bus) controller.

Installation Options | Mounting components

C4sun offers multiple installation options with roller tube mounting on walls or rafters being the classic option. Alternatively, the roller tube can be inserted into a free-standing mount on two stainless steel masts – which is equally effective for single and double sail systems. In addition, a customized assembly concept can always be drawn up if required.

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