Mast Models

Four masts made from high-quality, elegant stainless steel or aluminum complete the look of the sail system, forming a perfect harmony with the timeless design of the sail. A specially developed wind pressure relief system inside the mast enables a calm response to higher wind speeds. An internal weight or an internal damper takes care of the necessary balance. Superlative special components such as pulleys positioned on slide bearings prevent this complex mechanism from generating any unpleasant noises, even in the case of high winds. Each design can be combined with any of the C4sun sail masts (exception: elips4sun is not compatible with ID 110 and IG 101).

Robust V2A stainless steel or aluminum profile

4 mm rope thickness

Optimal wind pressure relief through internal dampers or internal weights

Height-adjustable anchor point | Vertical or with 11° inclination

3,000 – 5,850 mm height Installation angle: 0° to 90°

Low maintenance


Wind pressure relief via gas-pressurized springs

Powder-coated aluminum


Wind pressure relief via gaspressurized springs

Powder-coated aluminum


Wind pressure relief via internally guided weights

V2A stainless steel


Wind pressure relief via internally guided weights

V2A stainless steel

ID 175 Special Feature0° – 90° installation angle

Suitable for installation at all inclinations without any restrictions. Intelligent wind pressure relief even enables horizontal wall-mounted installations with the help of wall clamps.

The standard color is white aluminum with textured finish – similar to RAL 9006. Optionally the ID 175 mast can also be coated in all RAL color shades.

Also optionally:

– V4A extra protection | Maritime edition of internal stainless steel components

– Crank-operated internal height adjustment

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