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The Heart of it All

The masts of this sail type are positioned with a slight diagonal offset. This ensures a stable canvas surface while maintaining an unobstructed view. The mast can also be set up further away from the sail, with longer ropes being used to bridge the extra distance.

  • Two ropes, each with one mast
  • Large shaded area
  • Max. canvas size 6.8 × 7.0 m – 6.0 m x 7.8 m
  • Fully automated operation via remote control and app
  • Unique sense of space due to arched roof design
  • Tailored solution for representative outdoor areas
  • Wind pressure relief system through internal weights or dampers
  • 4 different masts with oval, round and square cross-sections
  • Excellent UV protection | UPF50+
  • High water resistance

Product Information

WeatherMax 80

The ultimate eye-catching feature of any sail system is of course the canvas. C4sun uses the sail material WeatherMax 80, a technically sophisticated fiber that is suitable for sun and rain protection alike. In accordance with criteria we have set, the tailoring of the sail canvases is carried out by one of the leading sail manufacturers in Germany with innovative manufacturing technology and a high level of experience in sailing and yachting.

20 contemporary colors | Special colors by request

Waterproof, yarn-dyed polyester fabric

Grammage of approx. 270 g/m2

High color brilliance and color fastness

Excellent anti-glare and UV protection | UPF50+, protection against harmful UV radiation

Breathable design prevents heat built-up and condensation

High water resistance

Very high resistance to tears and kinks Subtle rib structure for elegant look

Mast Models

Four masts made from high-quality, elegant stainless steel or aluminum complete the look of the sail system, forming a perfect harmony with the timeless design of the sail. A specially developed wind pressure relief system inside the mast enables a calm response to higher wind speeds. An internal weight or an internal damper takes care of the necessary balance. Superlative special components such as pulleys positioned on slide bearings prevent this complex mechanism from generating any unpleasant noises, even in the case of high winds. Each design can be combined with any of the C4sun sail masts (exception: elips4sun is not compatible with ID 110 and IG 101).

Robust V2A stainless steel or aluminum profile

4 mm rope thickness

Optimal wind pressure relief through internal dampers or internal weights

Height-adjustable anchor point | Vertical or with 11° inclination

3,000 – 5,850 mm height Installation angle: 0° to 90°

Low maintenance

Motor | Drive | Control and Safety

The sail is driven by a tube motor located inside the roller tube, which can be operated in a number of different ways. First, it can be operated using advanced, secure io-homecontrol® wireless technology featuring a universal communication protocol. This enables all components to communicate with one another, leaving users free to control all comfort and safety elements via a single unit. It is even possible to control and monitor the system using a smartphone. Secondly, the sail can be extended and retracted using a wired controller or a remote control. Alternatively, these functions can be integrated into an on-site KNX (bus) controller.

The power package is another drive variant in which the reinforced drive is provided by two tube motors. This option is recommended for larger sail surfaces and locations featuring high wind speeds. Please note that with certain sail sizes two motors are included as standard equipment.

Somfy io System

Sunea 60 io 120/12 tube motor

Remote controlled

Somfy LT System

LT 60 Taurus 120/12 tube motor


On-site KNX (bus) control possible

Somfy RTS System

Altus 60 RTS 120/17 tube motor

Export only – country-specific regulations

Power Package

Available in various designs

Featuring two tube motors Internal or external junction box

Handheld transmitter or KNX (bus) controller


Wall-mounted transmitter, wind and/or sun monitor, individual motor controller, etc.

Roller Tube

C4sun offers multiple installation options with roller tube mounting on walls or rafters being the classic option. Alternatively, the roller tube can be inserted into a free-standing mount on two stainless steel masts – which is equally effective for single and double sail systems. In addition, a customized assembly concept can always be drawn up if required.

For single-sail systems

Wall bracket on wall and rafters

Free-standing roller tube mount

For double-sail systems

Free-standing roller tube mount


Every subsurface is unique, with conditions sometimes varying even within a single surface requiring shade. Practical installation elements are available for each mast to resolve such issues. If that is not the case, users can request an individually-tailored installation concept or freely combine existing mounting elements.

Installation elements

Krinner screw foundation | For installation masts (Picture 1)

Wall brackets

Mast console

Flange plate

C4sun Cube (Picture 2)

Additional Features

V4A extra protection | Maritime

V4A has been developed for locations that are near to the coast or highly susceptible to weathering. This corrosion-resistant steel alloy provides the surface with added resistance to the elements.

For all masts

Powder-coated for ID 175

For free-standing roller tube mount


The radiators uses infrared radiation to ensure pleasant temperatures with no lead time. This additional heat is directed toward the persons seated below, meaning that cold temperatures no longer act as a deterrent to sitting outside.

1500 watts, IP65

Infrared radiators

With wall bracket

Protective Cover

The impregnated, waterproof material protects the furled sail especially in winter or during a longer period of non-use.

Made of WeatherMax 80 | color: Graphite

With velcro fastening

Good to Know

Made in Germany

Each sun sail is tailored precisely to the desired dimensions and assembled by hand to form a fantastic high-resistance system – made in Germany.


The Bahama team is on hand to provide comprehensive assistance, wherever you are and whatever you need.

Precise customized planning

Creation of technical drawings and installation instructions


Installation and maintenance of sail systems by retail partners


The WeatherMax 80 sail material meets the requirements of UPF50+, the excellent possible ultraviolet protection factor. UPF refers to the inherent level of protection provided by tex- tiles against harmful UV rays.

Wind Stability

C4sun sails feature very high levels of wind stability and safety thanks to their special relief mechanisms in the event of wind pressure. These neutralize the power of the wind by significantly reducing the exposed area, meaning you can continue to enjoy your sail long after conventional systems have been retracted.


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Award-Winning Design

The elips4sun product line has won two world-renowned awards – the Red Dot Award 2014: Best of the Best and the R+T Innovation Prize 2015: Special Design Prize.

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