Innovative shade sail system in top form: square – and nevertheless out of the box!


»A timeless classic: unique in its design – and precision engineered down to the smallest detail.«

When it comes to providing uniform, maximal shading for luxury outdoor areas, square4sun is the perfect solution. The dome shape of the unfurled sail – with its stylishly sophisticated spaciousness and unique atmosphere of comfort and well-being – never gets boring. The variety of available mast types, specially developed wind- pressure-relief systems and mast-positioning options also have a significant effect on the overall appearance. These choices and options enable you to customise the system to its surroundings. The automatic arching of the sail is not only attractive – it also offers optimal protection from wind and weather. Rainwater runs off, effectively preventing unwanted water pockets, and the sail even maintains its shape and stability in strong winds.

Stands out where other systems fall flat.

The highly elastic Clouth profiles arch upwards to create a dome shape when the sail is unfurled and lie flat against the shaft when the sail is furled: this is what makes it possible to wrap a three-dimensional awning onto a smooth shaft – and guarantee long-lasting, reliable functionality. The winning combination of high-quality materials and intelligent technical details makes the square4sun a timeless classic of design.

Straight lines with a distinctive character.

The square4sun is available in various models and sizes. As a result, it is easily adaptable to the architecture and requirements of the surroundings, as well as to your personal tastes. These square sails, with their large surface area, provide significantly more shading, protection and style than conventional products.

Two different models – both one of a kind.

In order to offer you even more installation options, this sail type is available in two models with different mast positions and cable-routing systems. The masts of the model »square4sun cross« are spaced slightly wider than the fabric for an especially stable sail. The masts of the »square4sun line« are aligned with the front corners of the sail. The parallel lines formed by the cables accentuate the convex shape of the sail.

square4sun c4sun high end sonnensegel

square4sun c4sun high end sonnensegel

square4sun c4sun high end sonnensegel


Enjoy freedom – wherever you are. With smart home solutions from Somfy and C4sun.

You can keep everything under control at all times with the TaHoma system from Somfy, the global market leader in home automation. This system allows you to operate your C4sun shade sail system conveniently via remote control, computer or smartphone app. Or you can simply leave it up to the wind and sun sensor, which reliably monitors and responds to changes in the weather and light conditions around the clock.

More informations: Comfort

c4sun komfort iphone controll smart home


System Components, Standard Version

• Two stainless-steel (V2A) AG101 masts: ø 101.6 mm, L 5,240 – 5,840 mm including BRAVO granite balls as external weights
• Wind-pressure-relief system integrated into the mast
• Stainless-steel winding shaft 101.6 x 3 mm
• Two wall brackets for mounting the shaft to the wall
• Tubular drive, drive cables, remote control
• Sail with Clouth profiles and screw-tensioning system
Custom sizes available. Other dimensions available upon request.

square4sun cross high-end sun sails

square4sun line high-end sun sails



Customisation Options


Every shade sail from C4sun is already a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted product, but our options let you add even more individuality.


Mast Information

ID175 Oval mast (75 – 105 x 175 mm) with integrated wind pressure relief mechanism and damping without weights.

AG101* Round mast (ø 101 mm) with internal wind- pressure-relief mechanism and external weight: a granite ball available in various models.

IG101 Round mast (ø 101 mm) with internal wind- pressure-relief mechanism and internal weights.

IG204 Round mast (ø 204 mm) with internal wind- pressure-relief mechanism and internal weights.

IG211 Square mast (211x211mm) with internal wind-pressure-relief mechanism and internal weights.
All masts are also available in V4A stainless steel (additional cost).
* BRAVO ball included, other balls available at additional cost.

C4sun Shade Sails Mast Types


Granite weights

There are also several mast models to choose from. Detailed information can be found on the info pages for the respective product lines. For the AG101 mast with an external weight, we offer additional high-quality stone-ball models as alternatives to the basic model BRAVO. All available models are shown on this page.

Granite ball BRAVO Standard weight
Granite ball SOL
Granite ball GALA

Granite Weights AG101 Mast C4sun Sonnensegel


Standard Colours

Every C4sun shade sail is handcrafted to the desired for- mat and size. In addition to the four standard colours, a further 16 colour options are available, enabling you to customise the sail design to fit ideally to the surround- ings and your personal tastes. The colours shown on the left are only intended as a guide. Before selecting a col- our, please contact us to request a set of fabric samples.

For its sails, C4sun uses exclusively WeatherMax 80, a high-strength fabric that is both breathable and extremely watertight. With a fabric weight of 270 g/m2, it combines high tear strength with an optimal elastic recovery and excellent colour brilliance and fastness. WeatherMax 80 is resistant to mould and mildew and offers maximum protection from glare and UV rays.

Special Colours

c4sun sonderfarben high end sonnensegel

c4sun standardfarben high end sonnensegel


Mast installation


All options for mounting our shade sails.


Krinner ground screw

With ground screws, the masts can be anchored to the ground quickly, cleanly and securely. This patented foundation system from the German company Krinner is an excellent alternative to concrete foundations. The ground screws are driven into the ground quickly and easily using special equipment. The conical shape compacts the soil around the screw, producing the required stability. There- fore, no time-consuming excavation work is necessary. In comparison to concrete foundations, this method is extremely fast, environmentally friendly and clean.

c4sun krinner schraubfundament mastmontage


C4sun Cube

The ideal solution for terraces, particularly roof terraces: Our cubes measure 80 x 80 x 40 cm and can be placed anywhere on flat surfaces. For safety purposes, they are either weighted with up to 400 kg of ballast material or anchored to the ground. The choice is yours: as a place to sit or a decorative planter – our impressively multifunctional cubes are so much more than simply stable bases for masts.

c4sun cube mastmontage


C4sun Flange Plate

Our base flange plates are the best choice if you plan to place your mast systems on an existing foundation or a level surface. This solution is ideal for the installation of a shade-sail system on existing terraces.

c4sun flanschplatten mastmontage


C4sun Wall Bracket

Wall brackets are used for mounting mast systems parallel, cleanly and securely to an existing wall. This mounting system guarantees maximum freedom of movement – the shaded area can be used freely, with no obstacles.

c4sun wanschellen mastmontage - individuelle mastmontage


More information installation of the mast and winding-shaft




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Dachterrasse - square4sun mit Cube Fundament

einfamilienhaus sonnensegel square4sun c4sun

Gartenterrasse – square4sun line - C4sun High-end Sonnensegel


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