Precision engineered, down to the smallest detail, leaving you worry-free.


»Our most complex task: ensuring that everything works effortlessly.«

When we’re in the process of developing products, we of- ten have to think out of the box. This means taking the good and making it better and sometimes even finding completely new solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems. Now, we can proudly say that we have accomplished everything we set out to do – and that the often rocky road has paid off. Because if you choose a C4sun system, you no longer have to worry about technical details. You can simply concentrate on the important things, like enjoying every minute of your valuable time outdoors. Under a shade sail that elegantly combines extraordinary aesthetics with excellent function and maxi- mum comfort and convenience. Fully automatic. Reliable. Robust. Safe.

Where others fall flat, these stand tall: Clouth profiles.

The key to the unique atmosphere of comfort and well- being created by the C4sun shade sails are the highly elastic Clouth profiles, which are enclosed in the fabric crosswise to the opening direction. In the furled sail, these special, handcrafted battens are pressed flat against the winding shaft. When the sail is unfurled, their tensioning causes them to automatically curve upwards, giving the fabric a dome shape. Wind pressure is easily absorbed, and there is no way for rainwater to collect in pockets. However, we do recommend furling the shade sail in snowy weather.

Engineered for wind stability.

A specially developed pulley system in the mast provides reliable wind-pressure relief. Excessive wind pressure is counterbalanced by either internal weights or a highly visible, decorative granite ball. Special, high-quality components, such as free-gliding pulleys, guarantee that the complex mechanism will operate without un- pleasant noises, even in gusting wind. In extremely windy weather, the sail senses when it’s time to »fold«, furling away fully automatically.

Everything under control.

Our motivation has always been to offer you solutions that are the best in every possible way. This is why we’ve chosen to work with the companies Becker and Somfy for our drive and control systems. The trusted components of the global leader Somfy, such as shaft motors, opera- ting elements and control sensors – as well as its sophisticated smart home solutions – meet even the toughest requirements for efficiency, reliability and safety.

c4sun design und technik mast technik


Free choice: always the best solution!

Ground properties can vary greatly. Even at a single building site. If this applies to the area under your planned shade sail, e.g. if various surface materials were used, you can simply combine any of the mounting solutions described here.
Upon request, we would be happy to develop a customised installation concept to suit your outdoor area and the surrounding structures. In this way, maximum individuality and professional installation lead to an outstanding result.

Installation tips.

To ensure safe operation, the system must be installed by qualified professionals. The only hardware required for mounting the winding shaft to the building wall are two brackets – custom-made, stainless-steel wall brackets with special shaft mounts.
If the shade sail cannot be mounted directly to the building, we will work with you to develop a customised installation solution taking into consideration your outdoor area and the surrounding structures. For free-standing systems, we also offer special installation solutions that are perfectly tailored to our shade sails.

mastmontage c4sun high end sonnensegel


Mast installation


All options for mounting our shade sails.


Krinner ground screw

With ground screws, the masts can be anchored to the ground quickly, cleanly and securely. This patented foundation system from the German company Krinner is an excellent alternative to concrete foundations. The ground screws are driven into the ground quickly and easily using special equipment. The conical shape compacts the soil around the screw, producing the required stability. There- fore, no time-consuming excavation work is necessary. In comparison to concrete foundations, this method is extremely fast, environmentally friendly and clean.

c4sun krinner schraubfundament mastmontage


C4sun Cube

The ideal solution for terraces, particularly roof terraces: Our cubes measure 80 x 80 x 40 cm and can be placed anywhere on flat surfaces. For safety purposes, they are either weighted with up to 400 kg of ballast material or anchored to the ground. The choice is yours: as a place to sit or a decorative planter – our impressively multifunctional cubes are so much more than simply stable bases for masts.

c4sun cube mastmontage


C4sun Flange Plate

Our base flange plates are the best choice if you plan to place your mast systems on an existing foundation or a level surface. This solution is ideal for the installation of a shade-sail system on existing terraces.

c4sun flanschplatten mastmontage


C4sun Wall Bracket

Wall brackets are used for mounting mast systems parallel, cleanly and securely to an existing wall. This mounting system guarantees maximum freedom of movement – the shaded area can be used freely, with no obstacles.

c4sun wanschellen mastmontage - individuelle mastmontage




All options for installation of the winding shaft.



For installation of the winding shaft, we fix two individually fabricated wall-mounts to your wall or rafter. This easy installation, similar to that of a marquee, protects you and your guest from any weather due to its immediate connection.

c4sun high end sonnensegel wellenmontage


Self-contained, single shade sail

Two stainless steel masts are emarginated by 45° at the same pitch of the winding shaft, which makes it possible to obtain a self contained object. The masts can be mounted individually, due to their minimal design, they emphasize the uniqueness of the entire system.

c4sun high end sonnensegel wellenmontage


Self-contained, dual shade sail


c4sun high end sonnensegel wellenmontage

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