Relax and enjoy your valuable time outdoors – in pure luxury, a standard feature of every C4sun system.


»We’ve taken care of the important things so that you can relax.«

With a one-of-a-kind design principle and fascinating detail solutions that make your life easy. Enjoy the convenience! Take, for example, the controls: at the touch of a button on the remote control or wall-mounted transmitter, the sail unfurls effortlessly. Your outdoor area is transformed into a stylish stage, and shade becomes a fascinating experience. As the sail unfurls from the shaft, the Clouth profiles – special battens enclosed in the sail – arch upwards, giving the sail its distinctive dome shape and creating an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and well-being. Automatically. With the optimal sun-shading and rain-protection system, you can relax outdoors in any weather. Rainwater runs right off the sides, thanks to the convex shape of the »roof«.

Gusts of wind are elegantly absorbed by the Clouth profiles and the specially developed wind-pressure-relief system. And maximum comfort means always playing it safe in the worst conditions: if the wind becomes so strong that it could potentially pose a hazard for people or the system itself, the sail furls away automatically.

Even the maintenance requirements will put you at ease.

The high-quality, extremely weather-resistant materials, tried-and-tested technical components and durable overall construction reduce care and maintenance requirements to a minimum. This guarantees an attractive appearance and reliable function for many years of carefree enjoyment. So that you can concentrate on the truly important things: enjoying your valuable time outdoors in style.

c4sun komfort fernbedienung smart home

c4sun komfort windwächter smart home


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